About Us

DSCI is a focal body on data protection in India, setup as an independent Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) by NASSCOM®, to promote data protection, develop security and privacy best practices & standards and encourage the Indian industries to implement the same.

DSCI is engaged with the Indian IT/BPO industry, their clients worldwide, Banking and Telecom sectors, industry associations, data protection authorities and other government agencies in different countries. It conducts industry wide surveys and publishes reports, organizes data protection awareness seminars, workshops, projects, interactions and other necessary initiatives for outreach and public advocacy. DSCI is focused on capacity building of Law Enforcement Agencies for combating cyber crimes in the country and towards this; it operates several Cyber labs across India to train police officers, prosecutors and judicial officers in cyber forensics.

Public Advocacy, Thought Leadership, Awareness and Outreach and Capacity Building are the key words with which DSCI continues to promote and enhance trust in India as a secure global sourcing hub, and promotes data protection in the country.


Harness data protection as a lever for economic development of India through global integration of practices and standards conforming to various legal regimes.


To create trustworthiness of Indian companies as global sourcing service providers, and to assure clients worldwide that India is a secure destination for outsourcing where privacy and protection of customer data are enshrined in the global best practices followed by the industry.

Our Objectives

  • Public Advocacy on Data Protection and Cyber Security
  • Capacity Building on Security and Privacy
  • Thought Leadership through Best Practices and Standards
  • Independent Oversight for assurance and Dispute Resolution through ADR – towards Self-Regulation
  • Cyber Crimes Speedier Trials through training of Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies