DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Assessor – Training and Certification Program

To protect privacy of personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or misuse, DSCI conceptualized its approach towards privacy in the DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©) which is based on the global privacy best practices and frameworks. The framework was released in December, 2010. To assess the privacy implementation in an organization, DSCI Assessment Framework for Privacy (DAF-P)© was released in December, 2012. It consists of two parts, with each focusing on distinct aspects of privacy implementation – one focuses on Assessment of Organizational Competence in Privacy based on practice areas defined in DPF© while the other – Privacy Principles based Assessment, focuses on implementation of global privacy principles. The first part is based on the nine practice areas listed under DPF© and the assessment questionnaire is thus designed to help organizations assess and mature their privacy program. The questionnaire is based on the practices defined in DPF©, with suggestive guidance parameters to aid the assessors when conducting assessments. The assessment could be conducted in either modes: Self-Assessment or External Assessment. The external assessment through DSCI empanelled auditors could help organizations attain DSCI Certification. The second part is intended to help organizations assess and improve maturity in the implementation of global privacy principles across all the organizational processes that deal with personal information and in the process optimize their efforts while implementing privacy principles across global operations. DSCI has designed a training program for potential assessors to assess implementation of privacy in organizations that meets the requirements laid down in DPF©.

To equip the potential assessors with necessary knowledge and tools to assess organizations’ privacy implementations in accordance with DSCI Assessment Framework for Privacy (DAF-P)©and DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©). The training program intends to explain the intent behind each of the practices defined under the nine practice areas of (DPF©), to help the assessors understand, analyze, investigate and appreciate the various aspects of privacy implementation within organizations. The training program aims to provide a common platform for potential assessors from different organizations to have a common understanding and expectations for privacy implementations. The program will also help organizations desirous of DSCI certification; better understand the expectation of privacy implementation, and requirements for DSCI certification.

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