Security in organizations has reached a level of Maturity in our country. Organizations are implementing enterprise level security initiatives and governance mechanism and are adopting a proactive approach to tackle security threats. This behavior change along with regulatory requirements, leads the organizations to evaluate their security posture in the form of security audits, assessments and gap analysis.

Based on the work profile and the interface to the external ecosystem, organizations need a special treatment to different disciplines of security. DSCI has developed a security framework (DSF©) to aid the organizations in their security preparedness. Although compliance with regulations is a key driver for the security initiatives, bringing dynamism into the security is also very essential and could be achieved through DSCI Security Framework. DSF© is a compilation of 16 disciplines with their Strategic, Tactical & Operational perspectives. It also provides a detailed guidance for systematically planning and implementing security in the organization, in the form of best practices. It also covers the maturity criteria for each discipline for having a comprehension to the parameters of fair and practical assessment of security implementation.

The adoption of DSF© by organizations to enhance their security posture is rapidly increasing. Organizations have now reached a stage where they would like to assess their security preparedness and maturity level with a view to improve and respond to ever changing security threat landscape. With this in mind, DSCI is developing a practical assessment framework based on the DSF and its discipline specific approach. For this, DSCI has constituted a Security Assessment Advisory Group (SAAG) to seek guidance for development of an appropriate assessment process with a view to create a DSCI Assessment Certification. Members of the Advisory Group will guide us in developing an appropriate and practical approach for the Assessment Framework.

(Listed in alphabetical order)
Members’ Name Designation Organization
Mr. Abhay Gupte Sr. Director Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Ajay Kumar Dhir Chief Information Security Officer Lanco Infratech Ltd.
Mr. Ajit Menon Head, Information Security Tata Consultancy Services
Mr. Akhilesh Tuteja Executive Director KPMG
Col. Arun Kumar Anand VP & Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer NIIT Technologies Ltd.
Mr.ArupChatterjee Chief Information Security Officer WNS Global Services
Mr. Felix Mohan Chief Information Security Officer Bharti Airtel Ltd.
Mr. Harish Agarwal Partner Ernst & Young
Prof. M. P. Gupta Professor Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi
Cdr. Mandeep Narula Commander DIARA
Mr. Maria Bellarmine. P. CISO & Head – IS (Compliance) Group Tech Mahindra
Ms.Nandita Jain Mahajan Executive Director IBM
Mr. Pankaj Agrawal Chief of Security & Technology Governance Aircel Ltd.
Mr. Rajendra Deshpande Chief information Security Officer Serco Global Services
Ms. Renu Budhiraja Sr. Director Department of Electronics and Information Technology
Mr. S Ramasamy General Manager – IT Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Mr. Sabyasachi Chakrabarty Chief Security Officer – APAC British Telecom Plc.
Mr. Satish Das Chief Security Officer & VP Cognizant Technology Solutions
Mr. Sivarama Krishnan Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers