Award Process & Eligibility Criteria

The parameters for the cases that are considered for the Award are as follows:

  1. Cases should be of important or sensitive nature
    • Which have the potential to impact the usage of Information Technology strategically by central & state governments, industry/industries or services availed by citizens
    • or those which have caused public concern / created curiosity amongst the common citizen(s).
  2. The investigating team should have made use of electronic and, technology-based tools to solve the case.
  3. Cases should be registered under sections of the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008, Telegraph Act and other such technology related acts apart from other Penal sections under IPC etc. Cases finalized and investigated without invoking IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 are not to be considered for the award evaluation process.
  4. Cases in which investigation would have been completed, including those sent for prosecution or those closed for other reasons, during the period (timelines to be declared for every year) were considered, irrespective of year of registration. However, due weightage to be given for speedy and expeditious investigation.
  5. Investigation done by any police unit in the country, including the Criminal Investigation Department and the Central Bureau of Investigation to be included.
  6. Each state police organization / independent police organization can send up to three entries. Since investigation is a team effort, the parent organisation can nominate one person, who had participated in the investigation, and who had contributed critically and substantially to the success of the investigation. The entry should clearly bring out the role played by the officer nominated. Officers associated with the investigation in a supervisory or advisory capacity to be nominated for the Award.
  7. Information to be received and consolidated by Process Partner.
  8. First level of screening was done by DSCI and Process Partner to shortlist finalists.
  9. Subsequent to the short listing of finalists, the jury to evaluate the finalists and decided the winner.
  10. While there will be only one winner, shortlisted finalists will also be honored.