Nomination FAQs

Question: Who all are eligible to participate in the DSCI Excellence Awards 2012?
Answer: There are ten categories in DSCI Excellence Awards for Corporates, while there are two categories in Awards for Law Enforcement Agencies. Corresponding eligibility criteria are mentioned against each category.

Question: Can winners/finalists of DSCI Excellence Award 2011 send in nominations again this year?
Answer: Yes, an organization or an individual can send the nominations again this year even if it won or was a finalist in the previous years.

Question: I cannot find the category for which I submitted by nomination previous year. Have the categories changed this year?
Answer: Yes, the categories have been revised this year. Few categories have been eliminated while few new categories have been added. We recommend that you take a few minutes to explore all the categories for this year in the category page.

Question: Are these awards open only for DSCI Corporate members?
Answer: No, the awards are open for all the organizations and individuals who are eligible to participate as per the eligibility criteria mentioned against each category. However, if you would like to opt for DSCI Corporate Membership, please visit for details. If your organization is already a NASSCOM member, you need not separately opt for DSCI Corporate Membership.

Question: Is there is any fee to send in nominations for the Awards?
Answer: Kindly note that there is no fee to apply for any category of the award.

Question: For how many categories can one organization send in nominations?
Answer: There is no restriction upfront. However, the categories are divided in such a manner that there cannot be more than three nominations (in three different categories) from an organization

Question: What are the parameters on which questionnaire will be evaluated?
Answer: Each award category has different parameters for evaluation of questionnaire. These parameters will be used to shortlist the finalist and ultimately, to decide the winner. These parameters, however, will not be made public.

Question: When do the nominations close? And what if we want to nominate after the deadline?
Answer: The deadline to submit the nominations is 15th September’12; Organizations and Individuals are requested to send in nominations timely.

Question: What is the procedure to submit the nomination forms?
Answer: Duly filled nomination forms have to be submitted through e-mail to .

Question: I need to modify certain details that I had earlier submitted (or I have more details to add to the nomination which I had earlier submitted). Can I resubmit my nomination?
Answer: Organizations and Individuals may resubmit their completely filled nomination forms by 15th September. The last submission will be treated as final.

Question: Our nominations may contain some sensitive information. Are entry forms kept confidential?
Answer: Consolidation of all the nomination forms and other information received from various organisations will be done by DSCI & process partner (PwC). Both DSCI and PwC shall take due care that the confidential information is shared only with the designated stakeholders for evaluation purposes only.

Question: How will the nominations be judged?
Answer: Nomination Prescreening will be done by DSCI and PwC to shortlist the finalists in each category after a due diligence. An eminent jury panel will then decide the winner from the pool of shortlisted entries.

Question: How do we know if our nomination gets shortlisted?
Answer: All the shortlisted organizations and individuals will be contacted and informed that their entries got shortlisted; relevant details would be shared thereof.

Question: When and where will the winners be announced?
Answer: Winners will be announced in NASSCOM-DSCI Annual Information Security Summit 2012 on 11th December at Mumbai. All the shortlisted nominations will be sent an invite to represent their organization / represent themselves at the Awards Ceremony.

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