Why Nominate?

  • Achieve recognition among industry and the ones who matter
  • Opportunity to join the league of industry leaders who have won the awards in previous editions
  • Outshine your peers by validation from experts*
  • Enhance the ‘Trust’ factor and make your customers/ clientele feel secure about the level of service they expect!
  • Use the Awards to reach out to new clientele
  • Start ups find it challenging to establish recognition and credibility in the marketplace early; DSCI Excellence Awards can help overcome the first barrier
  • Winning an award lifts the morale of the team
  • The trophies are reminder of achievements and recognitions- an immediate credibility is established when corporate award plaques and trophies are well displayed
  • And finally, it’s a great experience- the learning derived would be immense.

*Please note that we do not benchmark any organization or an Individual as part of awards process; Organizations and Individual compete against other nominees in their specific category

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