Following are the winners in different categories in the LEA segment. Congratulations to the winners !

Category-1: Excellence in Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies

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DSCI Excellence Award for ‘Excellence in Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies’
Mumbai Police has invested significant efforts in creating a dedicated police station housing latest digital forensics tools for dealing with Cybercrime cases and building capacity of police officers in cybercrime investigation through Cyber forensics training facility.

Category-2: India Cyber Cop Award for Excellence in Cyber Crime Investigation

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Police Inspector – Kolkata Police
Working with the Kolkata Police since 1995 and currently serving Kolkata Police as Additional Officer-In-Charge, Cyber Police Station, Kolkata . Prior to this, he has served as sub-inspector in different Police Stations and Detective Department of Kolkata Police Headquarters for 15 long years.

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Award Cat.:DSCI Security Leader of the Year 2014

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