Awards 2015

DSCI instituted the DSCI Excellence Awards in 2011 in line with its mission, to create trustworthiness of Indian companies as global sourcing service providers, and to assure clients across the world that India is a secure destination for outsourcing, and where privacy and protection of customer data are enshrined in global best practices followed by the Industry segments like Banking, Telecom and e-Governance. The awards are categorized into three segments, namely Corporate and Law Enforcement and Product. Product segment is the new entrant in 2015.

Through the Corporate Segment we recognize, honor and reward organizations and individuals who have undertaken strategic, proactive and innovative security and privacy measures. It also helps to highlight the importance of the security function and its contribution to business. Through the Law Enforcement Segment, DSCI recognizes and honors a state police/police agency for efforts made in capacity building & skill enhancement, and an outstanding police officer for investigating and solving a cybercrime case. Through Product segment we are recognizing the organizations which have emerged as a strong player in the area of Cyber Security. Through another category in the DSCI innovation Box in the Product segment we will honor and recognize organizations and individuals who have an innovative cyber security product idea.

The Excellence Awards, in their fifth year now, we have three award segments – Corporate and Law Enforcement, and Product with updated categories within the corporate segment.

The DSCI Excellence Awards 2015 received total 195 nominations. The break-up is as below:

  • Corporate segment: 113
  • Product segment: 27
  • LEA segment: 55

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