Encounter with Mobile Malware

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The trend of Smartphone has evolved very drastically over the decade. The Smart devices almost double up each year. Through usage of mobile devices the productivity and the way organizations do business has rapidly evolved. This has given birth to development of millions of Mobile Applications, but how many of these applications are safe? How many applications steal your personal data like your email, mobile number, location info, your Money?

Mobile applications are the most effective way used by attackers to spread malwares/rat onto devices. Many applications available on Google Play Store/Apple App Store are analyzed using automated analysis tools, which cannot detect sophisticated malwares like Zeus Bot or Dyre Wolf Banking Malware. Additionally, users install applications from unverified sources. It is highly recommended that all mobile applications undergo Security testing before being released on App Store or even to users.


Diving into How Mobile Malware works:

There are many free applications available on internet, which contain a backdoor and allows attacker to gain access to our mobile devices. Moreover, users are prone towards downloading free software rather than buying it. This also includes patches, mod apks, and various cracked gaming applications.

Below given is the actual depiction of how malware gets into our device:

mobile malware

Most affecting and Active Malwares on Mobile Devices:














Android.DroidDream AKA

Android.Rootcager AKA


Android.BgServ AKA

Troj/Bgserv-A AKA


Android.KungFu Variants


More are here:


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