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Five Steps to Implement a Successful Data Classification Policy

Many organizations have recognized that protecting sensitive information is a critical part of business operations and are now taking steps to ensure strong data protection strategies are integrated into everyday… Read more »

AISS 2016 inaugurated by Dr. Gulshan Rai

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Dr. Gulshan Rai has been attending the DSCI Summit since the past 5 – 6 years, and he said that this year it being staged in Gurgaon was in itself… Read more »

NASSCOM-DSCI Indian Cyber Security Delegation: Key Takeaways

The first Indian Cyber Security Delegation visit to Hague Security Delta (Netherlands) & Malvern Security cluster (UK) from April 11-15, 2016 was organised by NASSCOM-Data Security Council of India (DSCI). The delegation was led by Dr. Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Security Coordinator, Government of India and comprised of 40 key players in Cyber Security from the Indian industry, government & academia.

Analysis of Cyber Security Information Sharing Act (2015)

The purpose of this act is to enable government entities to share cyber threat information with private sectors. In addition, this act would also facilitate in the private sector’s sharing… Read more »

Conviction in Digital Crimes

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We have been facing cyber crimes ever since the Internet Age started. The level of sophistication involved in these cyber crimes have been evolving very rapidly over the past decade…. Read more »