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Strategic Thinking for Security: Defending the National Cyberspace – Part III

Introduction In the previous two parts of this blog, several strategic issues related to defense of our national cyberspace in the broad areas of governance, operational aspects and development of… Read more »

Strategic Thinking for Security: Defending the National Cyberspace – Part I

When it comes to cyber security in and of our country, there is a lot to achieve. This write-up attempts to discuss some of the issues which have strategic significance… Read more »

Five Steps to Implement a Successful Data Classification Policy

Many organizations have recognized that protecting sensitive information is a critical part of business operations and are now taking steps to ensure strong data protection strategies are integrated into everyday… Read more »

The Cyborgs

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This post is in regard to a session hosted at AISS 2016 – ‘Post-humans: Blurring of the Boundaries between Humanity and Technology’ wherein the speakers deliberated upon the issues of ethics and morality of technologically enhanced “post-humans”. The speakers of this session were Mr. Vinayak Godse, DSCI; Ms. Aastha Dhamija, DSCI; and Mr. Balaji Suryanarayana, Director & COO, CustomerXPs.

WhatsApp: Cleartext Sensitive Information

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Do you use WhatsApp? Of course,  you do. Do you think everything such as your contacts or chat messages are encrypted? No. It is not encrypted.   Recently the famous… Read more »