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The Case for Cyber Governance for Enhanced Cyber Defence

Cyber criminals and cyber crime has no physical/logical borders. As the technologies are changing and evolving frequently, it is very important to have a Robust Cyber Defence. For a country… Read more »

Metamorphosis: from ‘Information Security’ to ‘Cyber Security’

The term “Information Security”, once deliberately used by sagacious people of Information Security community to emphasis on the enterprise-wide scope (“it is not only about IT”) of the term, is getting faded away and the new term “Cyber Security” is replacing its predecessor.

Data Protection begins with Data Lifecycle Management

The key to cyber security management is to protect your data. The first step to protect your data is to ‘know’ your data – where, rather where all, is the data, where is it originating, flowing, residing, getting touched, tampered, deleted and such.