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The Cyborgs

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This post is in regard to a session hosted at AISS 2016 – ‘Post-humans: Blurring of the Boundaries between Humanity and Technology’ wherein the speakers deliberated upon the issues of ethics and morality of technologically enhanced “post-humans”. The speakers of this session were Mr. Vinayak Godse, DSCI; Ms. Aastha Dhamija, DSCI; and Mr. Balaji Suryanarayana, Director & COO, CustomerXPs.

Digital India – Early Adoption of Cyber Security Framework is Necessary

With Digital India initiative, there is a new wave of transformation across country. It include e-Governance, electronic delivery of services, and information to all in electronic form in the central… Read more »

Building USD 35 Billion Cyber Security Industry – How do we do it?

There have been explosive increase in cyber threats due to increasing usage of mobile, web usage and social media compounded by Internet of Things (IoT) which is another major factor… Read more »

Common Information Security Threats for Working Professionals

In my earlier blog of the series Common Cyber Security Threats for Novice I’ve discussed about common cyber threats which are applicable to everybody. In this blog, I’m trying to bring… Read more »

Metamorphosis: from ‘Information Security’ to ‘Cyber Security’

The term “Information Security”, once deliberately used by sagacious people of Information Security community to emphasis on the enterprise-wide scope (“it is not only about IT”) of the term, is getting faded away and the new term “Cyber Security” is replacing its predecessor.

3 Reasons why Information Security demands a “board’s eye-view”

It was two weeks ago. I was chatting with the CFO of a major automobile manufacturing company. This is one of the largest companies in the world. I was waxing eloquent… Read more »