DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP©)

Accelerate your career in Privacy

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Globalization and technology advancements have brought forth new challenges and risks including those related to privacy. To manage privacy challenges and risks, there is a growing need for privacy professionals across the country presenting many career opportunities.

DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP©) is a pioneer credentialing program which empowers you with knowledge and equips you with necessary skills to advance your career in privacy.

Drivers for Privacy Profession

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  • Evolving legal and regulatory regimes
  • Privacy deployments in organizations gaining traction
  • Privacy emerging as separate function in organizations
  • International and industry specific privacy standards and frameworks being developed
  • Privacy increasingly becoming a market differentiator
  • Growing privacy concerns of governments, regulators, clients and individuals
  • Privacy implications of technology advancements such as Social Media, Big Data, Internet of Things and others
  • Rising demand for privacy professionals globally

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Competency Areas

  • Privacy Evolution
  • Contemporary global developments
  • Data Protection Laws & Regulations
  • Trans-border Data Flows
  • Privacy Concepts & Vocabulary
  • Privacy Principles
  • Technology Trends
  • Drivers for Privacy Protection
  • Standards and Frameworks


  • Become part of growing privacy fraternity
  • Become a distinguished privacy professional
  • Get access to Body of Knowledge (BoK) and regular updates
  • Demonstrate your privacy credentials and enhance your employability
  • Get recognition by peers and employers
  • Get engaged in DSCI activities