DSCI Pune Chapter was established to connect the security and privacy professionals in Pune and neighboring cities. It provides a platform for discussions on data protection matters and helps members remain abreast with the latest developments in the field. The Chapter, anchored by Dr. Arvind Tilak, AIPL India, regularly organizes events in Pune, actively participate in DSCI national events, and is contributing to the fast evolving ecosystem of data protection in the country.

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Dear DSCI Pune Chapter Colleagues,

It is my pleasure and privilege to take over as the Chairman of the Pune Chapter of DSCI and lead the activities.

Cyber security, online privacy, piracy and data thefts are emerging as very major concerns not just for enterprises but also for every citizen and user of internet and communications technology. The crimes being perpetrated in these areas are ruining fortunes and reputations of companies and individuals alike. Loss of productive resources and time is another impact of these crimes. In other words vulnerability to cyber threats and attacks is increasing every single minute.

While these threats are increasing, we see a very dismal picture in terms of awareness about these issues and threats and also how to fight these. Preventive and corrective measures and processes are not being followed in even the most disciplined and vulnerable organizations. At individual levels like that of senior citizens and young adults, the picture is even more disturbing.

At DSCI we are committed to do our bit and work tirelessly to increase awareness about these issues. But we don’t want stop at just that but also actually enable organizations and citizens to fight the crimes and build a secure and well managed cyber world. The task is mammoth and ongoing efforts will be needed to achieve even limited results. However, we cannot be deterred by the enormity of the task and must start the campaign in earnest right away.

For this let’s build a very cohesive and structured organization of volunteers and security professionals and implement the programs that are on the drawing board. We will seek support and cooperation from likeminded organizations and also Police and administration machinery

I appeal all of you to actively join the movement and contribute in the efforts to build secure cyber world.

Thank you,
Dr. Arvind Tilak

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