Our Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be the premier industry body for making cyberspace safe, secure and trusted.


To develop capabilities, capacities and norms, in collaboration with all the stakeholders including the government, required to advance towards a safer, more secure and trusted cyberspace for enhancing trade and commerce by increasing global data flows and promoting innovation; strengthening national security, protecting individuals’ rights in cyber space and addressing such global issues while safeguarding national and industry interests.


  • Engage with governments, regulators, industry associations and think tanks on policy matters through Public Advocacy
  • Establish Thought Leadership through development of Best Practices , Standards and Frameworks and publication of Studies, Surveys and Papers
  • Build Capacity
    • in Security, Privacy and Cyber Forensics through training and certification of individuals and professionals
    • in Cybercrime investigations through training of law enforcement agencies and judiciary
  • Engage with stakeholders through various Outreach initiatives including events, awards, chapters, consultations and membership programs
  • Develop and maintain Assurance ecosystem for validation of privacy and security practices implemented by organizations
  • Increase India’s share in the global security product and services market through Global Trade Development initiatives
  • Aim at developing Alternate Dispute Resolution system in data protection