Cyber Security Awareness

Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has entrusted NASSCOMDSCI with the responsibility of implementing the Cyber Security Awareness Project across the country. As a part of the awareness campaign, DSCI conducted a series of events. The programs extensively covered audiences from industry sectors like IT/BPO, manufacturing, e-commerce, e-governance, telecom, banks, insurance and financial institutions, Public Sector Units (PSUs), law enforcement agencies like Police & Judiciary, Academia, Government, schools and colleges. This project comprised of the following:

  1. Cyber Security Awareness Seminars organised on diverse subjects in several cities in India with a view to raise the levels of security preparedness to a wide audience.
  2. Security Survey conducted to assess the state of data security in the IT and BPO companies in the Indian industry. The survey also assessed awareness about the IT (Amendment) Act 2008 and the role of CERT-In interface. The survey sampled 153 companies from different industry verticals.
  3. Security Portal that offer knowledge resources on various aspects of security to all stakeholders. The portal would serve as a platform for raising awareness levels of a wide range of netizens. It also helps to facilitate the network of security and privacy professionals being built across the key cities in India through e-security forums.
  4. E-security forums creation with an aim to promote exchange of security practices. These forums would be instrumental in encouraging knowledge sharing about data security and privacy protection and nurturing a community of security professionals.
  5. Development of Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) on topics including Cyber Security Do’s and Don’ts, IT (Amendment) Act 2008 and Privacy has been initiated. This will help DSCI to reach out to a wide audience.
  6. Development of the Service Provider Assessments Framework has been initiated with the help of a leading consulting firm. The Framework would help in assessing the security preparedness of the service providers.
  7. CERT-In Training Program for Govt. officers, PSUs and organizations falling under Critical Infrastructure category was initiated.
  8. Study on the importance of security frameworks and standards for ‘reasonable security practices’.