DSCI organizes events in the form of seminars, workshops, conferences, and roundtables for outreach on data protection – security and privacy. These events range from awareness creation on specific problems, areas, technologies, processes to legal and compliance requirements of India and other countries where our clients are located. They raise awareness on security and privacy codes, standards, frameworks, security threat environment, changes in regulations, contractual clauses etc., among IT/BPOs. Sector specific events are also organized for banks, telecom companies, public sector, and government.

Focused conferences on Best Practices for security and privacy, DSCI Frameworks and case studies are organized for IT/BPO companies, DSCI Chapters, and other regional groupings. Likewise, raising awareness on various provisions of the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 for data protection, and handling of cyber crimes is done for targeted audiences in different parts of India.
DSCI also organizes Cyber Safe Awareness campaigns in major cities, aimed at different target audiences including police, judiciary, students, home users, small companies and government Officials to promote cyber safety and security measures.

DSCI also establishes links through Roundtable meetings with key personnel from the Govt. sector to discuss strategies for securing citizen information, which is crucial for the success of e-governance projects; and others like EU Privacy Commissioners, Trustworthy Computing Group and Data Loss Prevention.