Knowledge Management

DSCI as an industry association has to enhance the trustworthiness of Indian IT/BPO industries. It is important for DSCI to understand the current level of operations of IT/BPO industries across the globe for promoting the culture of security and privacy among them. To achieve this, DSCI has been associated with various analyst firms and knowledge sources which help DSCI to understand the latest happenings emerging in the field of security and privacy across the world. These research and advisory firm offers world-class, objective insights on virtually any area of IT. These resources provide unparalleled expertise across a wide range of IT solutions. DSCI is benefited by it as it offers a detailed analysis of current Best Practices, regulations, security Frameworks and security tools and services prevalent in the market. DSCI Objective to collaborate with these knowledge management firms is to

  • Understand of the latest happenings in the area of security and privacy across the world.
  • Understand the growing concerns of the data protection across the world.
  • Gain insight over recent trends and approaches that are emerging in the field of security and privacy and the impact of it on the Indian market
  • Keep track of the changing regulations in field of data protection and privacy, including recent laws on data breach notifications adopted by various countries
  • Emerging technology adoption trends in the field of security and privacy


These knowledge management resources allow DSCI to take opinion on various security and privacy issues based on the changes in the ecosystem. They also allow DSCI to take informed decision for the growth and benefit of the Indian Industry. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Create a more knowledge aware, knowledge friendly culture, and Community of Practice(s) better suited to the emerging knowledge-based economy. Allow more leveraging of knowledge assets in the execution of projects
  • Enhance Collaboration & Coordination by building more profound relationships with like minded organization in field of security and privacy which allows Improved Decision-Making
  • Unleashing of new Ideas and Creativity that Lift Productivity and Efficiency and thus Speeding Innovation
  • Help create a more Adaptive, responsive, dynamic, flexible, organization that extend the global Reach, Richness, and value of the enterprise
  • In general, be better able to Create, Capture, Share, Protect, Disseminate, Package and Exploit knowledge, intellectual capital, and intangibles