Project RISE

The application of biometrics technology is increasing by the day, the use of this technology and its applications is raising a variety of ethical and privacy concerns with biometric identification methods, and on the data storage and subsequent usage. In some of the applications, collection and storage of data are seen to be in violation of the privacy principles preserved in privacy laws such as the EU Data Protection Directive. More serious issues like intrusiveness of biometric recognition methods, collection of biometric information linked with criminal behavior, apprehension about loss of privacy or personal dignity, psychological resistance for contact based sensors in public places, privacy concerns in case the data is not protected properly etc., are attracting attention of multiple stakeholders across the globe.

It is these issues on Biometric and Ethics that led to the launch of Rising Pan-European and International Awareness of Biometrics and Security Ethics (RISE) – a project by the European Union with the aim of promoting Pan-European International Awareness on ethical aspect of biometric technologies. RISE addresses several intersecting areas, security policy-making and responses to the security threats, data protection, ethics, and principles of proportionality, biometrics and security technology. DSCI is a partner of the Consortium that is executing project RISE. It organized the first conference on Security and Privacy Challenges of Biometrics under this project in Delhi in September, 2008.