2nd Cyber Crime Awareness Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies

The issue of Cyber Crimes is emerging as a big challenge for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) around the world and India is no exception. With its growing economy, huge IT industry, increasing roll out of e-Governance and online applications and burgeoning tech-savvy generation of citizens – all are very attractive for organized cyber criminals to target India and its citizens.

Department of Information Technology has led the fight against cyber crimes not only through the IT Act 2000 and Amendment in 2008 to cover more variety of cyber crimes. It has also pioneered the development of cyber forensics package through its R&D program. DIT has helped train police officers at various levels through a number of its programs that include training and forensic facilities at CBI, NPA, and some of the state police centers.

Data Security Council of India (DSCI), promoted by NASSCOM, on the other hand has trained police officers in its cyber labs in different cities for the past 4 years. DSCI has also developed & published a ‘Cyber Crime Investigation Manual’ to help and guide the police officers in cyber crime investigations using cyber forensic tools and standard operating procedures. DSCI has received DIT support in establishing and operating 4 cyber labs out of the 8 labs that it operates, wherein police officers are trained in cyber forensics to combat cyber crimes. More than 20000 law enforcement officials have been trained in cyber crime investigations and cyber forensics.

The training program needs to be supplemented by conducting awareness programs on cyber crimes in many other states where such labs are not operational and hence, DSCI with the support of DIT has proposed a 2-day workshops across various states which aims to provide awareness to Police officers, Public Prosecutors, Judiciary, Adjudicating officers on combating cyber crimes and the requirement of building capability. The workshop will also have an open house for the users and corporates to discuss on the issues faced by them and understand their expectations from LEAs in handling cyber crimes.

The first workshop was carried in the state of Gujarat and was attended by more than 120 officers. The details of the event are available at http://www.dsci.in/Original/events/about/1140 . The second workshop is planned on 27-28 September 2012 in Chandigarh, where officers from the state of Haryana and Punjab would be invited.

For details and registration you may contact Mr. Abhishek Kumar – Project Manager Haryana Cyber Lab- abhishek.kumar@dsci.in or Mr. Sachit Nagpal – Instructor Haryana Cyber Lab – sachit.nagpal@dsci.in. You can also reach us at

Haryana Cyber Lab
Multimedia Hub, Haryana Police Academy
Madhuban, Haryana - 132037
Cyberlabs@dsci.in or har.cyberlab@dsci.in
Phone - +91-184-2390601

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