Annual Information Security Summit 2012

The dependence of consumers and businesses on the online system and interconnected networks continues to increase. Lifeline Industries such as electric, water, oil and natural gas, transportation, automotive, and aerospace are increasingly relying on an industrial control system which include SCADA and DCS. These industrial control systems are vital to the operation of the nation’s critical infrastructures that are often highly interconnected and mutually dependent systems. Initially, running on proprietary control these have evolved with the availability of low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) devices, thus increasing the possibility of cyber security vulnerabilities and incidents. As Industrial Control Systems are adopting IT solutions to promote corporate business systems connectivity and remote access capabilities, and are being designed and implemented using industry standard computers, operating systems (OS) and network protocols, they are starting to resemble IT systems.

The security implication of such a system is challenging and cannot be merely addressed by security solutions.Considering that most of the nation’s critical infrastructures are privately owned and operated, hence government policies need to be backed up with the involvement of the private sector. The department of electronics and information technology (DeitY) has released a draft National Cyber Security Policy for industry consultation. The policy intends to define a critical infrastructure for the country depending on the impact it might have on national ecosystem. Along with Energy, Defense, Transportation and Telecommunication, the Financial sector which includes banks and stock exchanges has been identified as the Critical infrastructure by the draft National Cyber Security Policy. More than 80% of banking transactions today takes place online, while the majority of the investor trade through online systems, making the financial sector the most critical sector.

The advent of technology and increased availability of broadband connectivity coupled with smart phones have eased the manner in which consumer interacts and transacts online. Moreover, with the multitude of eGovernance applications under the MMP where citizen services are being provided online, a new term called Digital Citizen has emerged. Businesses are trying to satisfy this digital citizen by providing a multitude of applications operating at various platforms through various channels. The security of these platforms, channels and applications are utmost important for the government and industry to ensure trust in the customer.

The NASSCOM-DSCI Annual Information Security Summit this year will focus on the national cyber security elements- Framework, Machinery, Responsibility & Operations for all the critical information sectors like power, energy and finance where deliberation will take place on operating technologies like smart grid and industrial control system; the security and privacy imperatives of eCommerce, mCommerce and eGovernance application and platforms. The Summit will provide an opportunity to have focused discussions with government leaders along with global experts who will talk about the security ramifications at the global level. Special features such as celebrating the success of women leaders in the field of security, Workshop on IT Act and release of DSCI assessment frameworks will also be part of the annual summit. The addition of DSCI Excellence Awards 2012 to Corporate and LEAs this year along with Annual summit will truly make this as a platform where India Meets for Security. DSCI welcomes all the participants on its 7th Annual Summit at Taj Land Ends, Bandra(W), Mumbai on 11-12 December 2012.

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Who Should Attend


  • User Organization – Banks, Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Energy
  • Government & PSUs
  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Security Product/ Services Companies
  • Academia


  • Business Leaders
  • IT Leadership
  • Security & Privacy Leadership
  • Security Professionals
  • Security Implementer | Administrator | Officer

Participation benefits

  • Learn about new challenges, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Gain Strategic direction & practical guidance
  • Explore new approaches, practices, technologies and services
  • Discover market developments and get a feel of technology products
  • Discuss on public policies for cyber security and privacy
  • Interact with national, government and global leadership

Convenience Your Boss


Dec 11- 12, 2012 | Time: 14:45- 14:45 |
Bandstand, Bandra (West) Mumbai , MH