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Annual Report-2014-2015

DSCI is pleased to release and share its Annual Report 2014-15: Data Protection Outlook. Leveraging Data Protection to Enhance Trust in the Digital Economy.

Jan, 2014 |

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DSCI is pleased to release and share its Annual Report 2014-15: Data Protection Outlook. Leveraging Data Protection to Enhance Trust in the Digital Economy.

The report outlines the achievements, major activities and initiatives undertaken by DSCI. Perhaps one of the achievements was the launch of DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP©), a mass credentialing program in privacy, aimed to develop a stronger privacy workforce in India. In tune with our objectives, we also played a broader, more inclusive role in global policy issues; expanded our thought leadership activities; strengthened capacity-building programs in combating cybercrimes; entrenched the need for entrepreneurship in cyber security through DSCI Innovation Box and reinforced the perspectives on cyber security and data protection at the 9th NASSCOM-DSCI Annual Information Security Summit.

What’s Inside

DSCI Stakeholders

The program and strategic activities of DSCI are guided by the Board of Directors. Advisory Groups, comprising security and privacy experts from the industry and government, are set up to advise on specific issues and areas.

DSCI Members and Chapters

DSCI has 485 organizations as Corporate Members and over 2,500 security and privacy professionals and practitioners as Chapter Members.

Programs and Initiatives

DSCI takes a proactive role in "policy enablement" that affects information and communications technology engagement and enactment through the government.

Trans-border Data Flows

The share of the Indian Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry in the global market stands at 55%. However, in the European Union (EU), it is around 25%.

Cyber Security

The NASSCOM-DSCI report - "Securing Our Cyber Frontiers", released in 2012 catalyzed government's action leading to creation of a permanent Joint Working Group (JWG), under the chairpersonship of the Deputy National Security Advisor (Dy. NSA), comprising government and industry representatives.

Cloud Computing

DSCI is a member of the Working Group (WG) on Cloud Computing set up by the DeitY in 2012. DSCI has been continuously engaging with DeitY and other members of the WG, to participate and contribute in the development of WG recommendations.

Issues in Internet Governance

The issue of Internet governance (IG) was elevated at the global forum post the Snowden revelations.

Inputs on Digital India Program and IoT Policy

With massive opportunities for social and economic progress powered by technology solutions at the core, government's "Digital India Initiative" will redefine paradigms of security and privacy challenges.

e-Commerce Issues at WTO

DSCI participated in a meeting hosted by the Department of Commerce (DoC), to discuss issues significant to the e-commerce industry and the proposal presented by the US, EU and Japan at the WTO.

Global Engagements

DSCI participated in the India-US ICT JWG meeting in Washington D.C. and advanced Indian industry views on cyber security, cloud computing, data localization, cross-border data flow and Internet governance.

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