Annual Report 2016-2017

Published: April 01, 2017

DSCI is pleased to release and share its Annual Report 2016-17. The report outlines the achievements, major activities, programs and initiatives undertaken by DSCI.

One of the key highlights in the forefront of policy advocacy has been engaging with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to help draft their cyber security policy. Taking forward the CSTF vision, DSCI developed and released ‘Growing Cyber Security Industry Roadmap for India’, which serves as a growth blueprint for Government and Industry. DSCI demonstrated thought leadership by engaging both with Government and Industry around EU-GDPR, and matters pertaining to Data Protection.

Last year, DSCI launched a two-pronged internet safety awareness campaign focussing on SMBs and also launched an e-learning portal. Along with, Annual Information Security Summit (AISS) and Best Practices Meet (BPM) served as definitive platforms for cyber security and privacy leaders in the country, both on policy and contemporary and future security technologies.

All of these and more have been extensively covered in this edition of the Annual Report. We hope you find value and meaning while going through the report.

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