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Elevate Intelligence

Get a vantage point over Industry developments

Know about the latest developments in Cyber Security & Privacy


Be part of a global network

Stay connected with leaders, security professionals through various DSCI forums


Be a cut above the rest through our platform

Get consultation on frameworks, cyber forensics, policy developments, etc.


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The Corporate Membership program offers a competitive and advantageous opportunity to member organizations by providing topical varied industry sectors to strengthen the cyber security and data protection culture in India.

With comprehensive membership benefits, organizations can constructively contribute to the vision of DSCI in making the cyberspace safe, secure and trusted. From opportunities in policy advocacy and thought leadership to outreach and awareness, DSCI gives members a platform to learn, connect voice and strengthen perspectives...

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Membership Privileges



Consultation on queries and for implementation of DSCI Frameworks; cybercrime investigation and cyber forensics through Cyber Lab initiative



Receive updates on policies, practices and the latest in Data Protection and Security


Development of Standards

Contribution to the development of international standards


Global Trade Development

Provide inputs and participate in bilateral and multilateral trade dialogues on global data flows and other issues



Connect to a global network of industry leaders, security professionals through eSecurity forums and DSCI Chapters


Policy Advocacy

Provide consultation and inputs for responding to government on policies related to cybersecurity, privacy, cloud, internet governance, cyber forensics and others


Publications & Updates

Subscription to DSCI Security Framework (DSF©), DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©), DSCI Assessment Framework for Security and & Privacy (DAF-S©) & (DAF-P©) and globally acknowledged study materials, Surveys and Reports


Visibility & Branding

Build your organizational brand, leadership and enhance visibility through our events, awards, website, blog and social media platforms

How to enroll ?

Step 1

Complete the online Corporate Membership form and we will register your membership request. Register

Step 2

Nominate the Head of Information Security (CISO/CSO/CIO/CPO) or any other appropriate dignitary to be the touch point with DSCI for all Security and Privacy related services.

Step 3

Pay the membership fees (Online/Cheque/DD drawn in favor of "Data Security Council of India" payable at New Delhi). Upon confirmation, we will send you the membership login details.

Fee Structure

Structure of Corporate membership (2019-20)


  • Turnover >=100 Crores
  • ₹ 200000 + GST (as applicable)


  • Turnover 10-99crs
  • ₹ 50000 + GST (as applicable)


  • Turnover <10 crs
  • ₹ 25000 + GST (as applicable)


  • Turnover <1Cr and <=3 years of incorporation
  • ₹ 10000 + GST (as applicable)


  • Institutions
  • Customised (Write to for details)
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500 Members

When you become a DSCI corporate member, you pledge to
build a culture of security & privacy in your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DSCI offers its Corporate Membership program to organizations across industry sectors, which wish to build a strong Cyber Security architecture within their organizations and work towards making Cyber Security a board-level agenda. DSCI provides insights into latest threats, best practices, security solutions, and expert advice for data protection, in its workshops, roundtables and seminars. Corporate members also receive a monthly newsletter on important topical issues in the domains security and privacy relevant to their industry.
Organizations representing any sector are eligible to apply for the DSCI Corporate Membership Program. Current DSCI Corporate members include large, medium and small sized organizations from IT-BPM, Public sector, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecom, Security providers, Consulting Organizations, Institutes and Law firms, to name a few.
No. The DSCI Corporate Membership Program is open for registered organizations and institutes. As an individual, you can join a DSCI Chapter in your nearest city. Our Corporate Membership Program is exclusively for organizations that wish to associate with DSCI in their organizational capacity whereas individual memberships is for individuals who wish to play an active role in their DSCI regional chapters across twelve cities in India.
There are four categories on the basis of the organization size. The fee structure is different for each of the categories. Know more
Benefits are different for each of the categories. For more details on, benefits please write to membership[at]dsci[dot]in with the category of your organization.
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