Cars of the Future – SMART but how Safe?

  • Cars of the Future – SMART but how Safe?

    Publish :
    Friday, June 16, 2017

    At the outset, let’s acquiesce to the fact that automobiles are a big force for change and development. Automotive Sector, unlike other sectors, is faced with significant transformational concepts. Global automotive majors as well as economies are re-evaluating their strategies to maximize the use of technology and derive handsome benefits out of it, thereby enhancing customer delight; concurrently be seen as real innovators and disruptors of the domain. Indubitably, more computer systems are being installed in vehicles to help with everything from safety to navigation. The concept of intelligent and smart cars, which drive themselves and let the passenger indulge in other productive tasks, is soon going to be a reality – given the fact that organizations have had real success in putting self-driven cars on roads.