Cyber Forensics Training for Banks

As technologies become ever more sophisticated, so does the modus operandi of criminals, who are increasingly using information and communication technologies to carry out such illegal activities. The issue of Cyber Crimes is emerging as a big challenge for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) around the world and India is no exception. With its growing economy, huge IT industry, increasing rollout of e-Governance and online applications and burgeoning tech-savvy generation of citizens – all are very attractive for organized cyber criminals to target India and its citizens. The user companies like banks have felt the need for taking preventive steps because of the financial implication of cybercrimes. The Cyber forensics awareness training program is one such step that would provide Banks an opportunity to understand the basics of cyber crimes and also take essential steps to carry out initial investigation within their own ecosystem. It would provide guidance from the perspective of IT Act, RBI guidelines and the nature of economic offences. The training will also include the aspects of understanding of hard disks and file system, importance of log management and basics of email investigations. Demo’s and case study on basic investigation measures will also be some of the key feature of the training program.

Key Speakers

  • Detective Inspector, Cyber Crime Police Station CID Karnataka
  • General Manager, RBI
  • Sr. Scientist, CERT-In, Delhi
  • Forensic Expert
  • Director- Data Protection, DSCI
  • Program Manager, DSCI Cyber Labs
  • Instructor, DSCI Cyber Labs

Training Agenda:

  • Emerging Trends in Cyber Crimes
  • Economic offences- from a law enforcement perspective
  • Information Technology Act 2008
  • Internet Banking issues and RBI guidelines on Internet Banking (Gopal Krishna committee recommendations)
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement in the event of incident/criminal activity
  • Introduction to Computer & Mobile Forensic tools
  • Email Investigations
  • Information Rights Management
  • Understanding Hard-disk & File Systems
  • Volatile data forensics- Demo
  • Importance of Logs management for prevention/Detection of crimes
  • Forensic analysis of Digital evidence -Acquire, Analyze, Preservation & Reporting
  • Deleted files & Recycle bin- Usage of forensic tools to recover deleted data
  • Banking frauds- Case studies and interactive session
  • DSCI Cyber Lab Initiative

For further details,please contact:
Phone No.: +91-11- 26155071

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May 14- 18, 2012 | Time: 18:00- 18:00 |
Niryat Bhawan
Rao Tula Ram Marg,
110057 New Delhi , DL