Cyber Safety Month Mumbai 2013

Increasing complexity and adaptation of computing technologies will mean greater threats to cyber safety. Even people who are not using computers would be put to risk. Banks and Financial Institutions are those of the earliest and largest adopters of IT. Governments are also realizing the benefits of IT and are making up for lost time in digitizing records. Cyber Crime has evolved quite considerably from spamming and spoofing email accounts to be a serious business today. Today’s the key concerns are Identity thefts and National Security Implications. The evolution of the cyber offenders is also worrisome. Earlier, the average offender would be a technology geek who intruded into systems to prove his prowess. Financial gain was not too important. However, with the large amounts of money at risk online and with banks, brokerages and markets digitizing their operations, this has changed. Even organised crime has entered Cyber Space in a huge way. There is a thin line between what is useful and what can be misused. This year’s edition of the Cyber Safety event will be addressing various concerns in this regard so that authorities can to get the root of the matter and educate people on how technology is to be used safely and effectively.

The Cyber Safety Month 2013 seeks to educate computer users in a more practical and hands on way. The Cyber Safety month seeks to make the users alert as to the ways how systems can be compromised and show that complacency in IT security can be devastating. Cyber Safety month will try innovative ways of reaching out to the cross section of the society through this unique event. NASSCOM-DSCI along with other industrial partners are conceptualizing this innovative idea for creating user awareness with the active participation of IT industry.

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