Cyber Security Product Forum

Indian Cyber Security Product Forum

The DSCI Cyber Security Product Forum was formed at the behest of the cyber security product industry in India. It’s objective is to establish an ecosystem in the country for cyber security product companies to emerge and grow. This forum aims to provide a collaborative platform to address critical challenges and issues that exist for both, emerging and as well as established players in the domain of cyber security product development.

Cyber product development is a critical element that has been recognized by national level security initiatives in India. Both, National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP), released in the month of July last year, and Joint Working Group (JWG) established for public-private-partnership for cyber security emphasizes the need of promoting cyber security product development in the country. A mature ecosystem for security product development contributes in strengthening the cyber security posture of the country.

In the light of increased adoption of cyber technologies, cyber security domain has witnessed a plenty of traction both in government and corporate. Indian security product companies have also shown a great potential in recent past. Number of these companies in this space has increased substantially over the past few years. Some companies that started from incubation centres in academic institutions have been able to self-sustain in a very short span of time. Some of these have grown and reached out to different geographies with their products and have captured a significant market share.

Collaborative approach is a well accepted means to explore opportunities and reciprocate the outcome in multi-fold. Formation of the Indian Cyber Security Product Forum is a step towards establishing that. All Indian cyber security product companies are invited to join the forum and complement each other with their expertise and experience in the domain.