Cyberspace has become a game changer in the digital age. Both developed and developing countries are using cyberspace to leap ahead in the future – development and augmentation of critical information infrastructure, electronic delivery of services, leveraging it as a socio-economic enabler etc. The same cyberspace is being equally exploited by terrorists, criminals and even adversary nation-states for disrupting critical infrastructures, stealing secrets, carrying out financial frauds, recruiting criminals etc. It is becoming even more attractive to criminals especially given borderless nature of the cyberspace that cuts across jurisdiction, allowing criminals to launch attacks remotely from anywhere in the world, and related challenges of attribution.

Cyber security has become a global challenge and has mobilized discussions and actions both at national and international levels. It is increasingly getting linked to national security of a country. India too has been seen taking various affirmative steps address the global issue. DSCI along with NASSCOM has been working with the government and industry on this important aspect. The NASSCOM-DSCI report – ‘ Securing our Cyber Frontiers ’, released in 2012, catalyzed government’s action leading to creation of a permanent Joint Working Group (JWG), under the chairpersonship of the Deputy National Security Advisor (Dy. NSA), comprising government and industry representatives. The JWG in now chaired by National Cyber Security Coordinator and is focused on proactive and collaborative actions to enhance India’s capabilities in cyber security through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).

Parallel to policy advocacy with the government for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, DSCI works with the industry in standards setting, implantation of best practices, guidelines formulations, cross-industry information sharing, incident management, awareness, capacity building and many more. One of the objectives of DSCI is also to help build an ecosystem to help Indigenous security product and services startup companies sustain and grow.