Data Privacy Day 2015

28th of January is celebrated as Data Privacy Day (DPD) across the globe. This day serves as a reminder of the precarious and vital concept of data privacy which has assumed monumental importance in today’s era. Be it a privacy professional, an internet user or a consumer, the onus of safeguarding privacy lies on every shoulder. Sensitization of people and dissemination of privacy practices and principles are the fundamental objectives of this day.

DSCI has spearheaded the DPD wave in the country by being at the forefront of myriad initiatives and forums. Every year DSCI CEO sends out a privacy day message to all DSCI members thus promoting a constructive and healthy discussion around data privacy and its protection. In order to reach out to more number of people DSCI circulates privacy wallpapers and screensavers to our chapters, corporate members and other stakeholders. This year we are planning to extend the message of data protection and privacy to even wider audience. To make this day more engaging, DSCI is hosting an online quiz and conducting social chat. DSCI chapter meetings are being held in 7 cities with privacy focused agenda. More than 600 professionals are expected to participate and exchange their views and ideas on data privacy and protection in these meetings.

DSCI invites its members & associates to participate in DPD by holding discussions and/ or training sessions for employees, sharing tips of maintaining privacy, with focus on educating and increasing the awareness on data privacy to all the stakeholders.

For any contribution for DPD 2015, please write to us at priti{dot}vandana{at}dsci{dot}in or call us at 11-26155070.

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