Data Privacy Day 2020

January 28 is celebrated as Data Privacy Day (DPD) across the world. The objective of the day is to sensitize individuals and disseminate privacy practices and principles. From being a privacy professional to an internet user or a consumer, the onus of safeguarding privacy lies on every shoulder. Let’s Think Privacy First!

Message From CEO

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, we stay committed to building a privacy-aware society. Privacy is everyone’s responsibility and we need to create a conducive environment which safeguards personal data of one and all. Having a dedicated day to celebrate Privacy globally lends further impetus to the larger objective of Privacy awareness and helps bring a user-centric attention to managing personal data.

As the evolutionary journey of the realm of Privacy pans out, several new facets get unearthed which play a vital role in deciding the future of this domain. While Privacy Principles have been around for some time now, terms like Privacy Virtues, Privacy Ethics, Privacy Values are also making their presence felt.

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Rama Vedashree, CEO


The much-awaited Data Privacy Day (DPD) Wallpaper is here. Use it as a Wallpaper or your screensaver/lock screen, it looks good either way and be a part of the celebrations.

We encourage you to help us in mass adoption of this Wallpaper by getting it adopted personally, within your organization, and sharing it with colleagues and friends.

This year’s Wallpaper focuses on creating a Privacy culture in and around us, be it our work place or home. Let’s take a pledge to uphold and respect privacy of one and all because Privacy is Everyone’s Responsibility.

For preview only, please download from the right panel.

Privacy Posters

Apart from the Wallpaper, we have endeavoured to create awareness through Privacy posters. The posters are a medium to sensitize individuals and organisations on data privacy.

This year’s posters are inspired from Dante’s Seven Circles of Hell which reflects the cardinal sins; we have imbibed it reflecting Privacy Sins.

To compliment it, there are Privacy Virtues as well which are like a Stairway to Heaven in contrast to the sins.

The poster files are print ready. Print it and pin up at your work desk.

For preview only, please download from the right panel.

Privacy Quiz

Test your knowledge of data privacy and related concepts on the occasion of Data Privacy Day 2020. The objective of this quiz is to spread awareness around data privacy. The questions framed in this quiz are related to privacy principles and practices, users’ rights in the digital world, on-going developments in the privacy domain and many more.

You can also play the Data Privacy Quiz on TikTok. Open the app to play it there.

Play the Game & claim the Trophy. Prizes await!

WinnerMaulik Paddhariya
1st Runner-upHitesh
2nd Runner-upPritam Hande
  • Quiz Start Time: 28th Jan 2020
  • Quiz End Time: 3rd Feb 2020
  • Do not REFRESH the page while playing the quiz and Submit the page to register your entry.
  • You can play only once; in case of multiple entries, the first attempt will be considered valid.
  • It is a time mapped quiz, so make haste while the clock ticks.
  • Top 3 players with the highest scores will win.
  • In case of tied scores, players with minimum play time will win.
  • If still tied, winners will be decided through a lucky draw.

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