• Dispatch of PBoK (Privacy Body of Knowledge) will start in 10 days from the receipt of payment.


Rapid emergence of disruptive technologies & digitization of services & transactions is exercising great influence on the functioning of the economy and society. This rapid change and dependence on data to drive businesses and innovation has raised potential threats and risks to privacy of individuals, which nations have sought to tackle through imposition of regulatory requirements, obligations and liabilities to make enterprises accountable. Compliance with these regulations becomes a major challenge faced by organisations, right from the stage of identification of the regulations that they are subject to by virtue of the nature of data they are dealing and the scope of application of these laws, for instance dealing with HIPAA compliance, or dealing with the effects of extra territorial application of legislations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To manage privacy challenges and risks, there’s a real need for professionals who know the issues and impacts of data privacy. As skilled privacy professionals are in high demand, DCPP© certification is what employers are looking for. When you earn a DCPP© credential, you earn the right to be recognized as part of an elite group of knowledgeable, capable and dedicated privacy professionals. DCPP© is a pioneer credentialing program which empowers you with knowledge and equips you with necessary skills to advance your career in the field of data privacy. It is an industry standard certification for professionals entering and working in the field of privacy.

Key Drivers for the Privacy Profession
  • 1Evolving legal and regulatory regimes
  • 2Privacy deployments in organizations gaining traction
  • 3Privacy emerging as separate function in organizations
  • 4International and industry specific privacy standards and frameworks being developed
  • 5Privacy increasingly becoming a market differentiator
  • 6Growing privacy concerns of governments, regulators, clients and individuals
  • 7Privacy implications of technology advancements such as Social Media, Big Data, Internet of Things and others
  • 8Rising demand for privacy professionals globally


  • Become part of growing privacy fraternity
  • Become a distinguished privacy professional
  • Get access to(Body of Knowledge) BoK and regular updates
  • Demonstrate your privacy credentials and enhance your employability
  • Get recognition by peers and employers
  • Get engaged in DSCI activities


Information System and Security Auditors
Student from Engineering Law and Humanities
Privacy Security & IT, Professionals


  • Drivers for Privacy Protection
  • Privacy Concepts & Vocabulary
  • Contemporary global developments
  • Privacy Evolution
  • Data Protection Laws and Regulations
  • Trans-border Data flow
  • Privacy Principles
  • Technology Trends
  • Standards and Framework
  • Privacy in organization’s Ecosystem Concept


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INR 15,000 Plus 18% GST(as applicable)


  • Annual certification maintenance requirement Fee of INR 2,500 plus 18% GST (as applicable) with 40 CPE hours.

For further information please contact

Vicky Pandita
Email: vicky[dot]pandita[at]dsci[dot]in
Tel: 0120 4990271

Training Partners

Arrka Infosec Private Limited





Privacy Virtuoso Global


Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh-Mohali, Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Chennai




Any Privacy, Security and IT professionals, Lawyers, Compliance Officers, Information System & Security Auditors, Risk Professionals and Students from Engineering, Law and Humanities in final semester.

DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Assessor (DCPLA) course focuses on implementation and assessment of a privacy program from an organization’s perspective, with prime focus on practice areas defined in DPF©. Contrasting it with DCPP© credentialing program, where the focus is on learning privacy as a subject from multi-dimension viewpoint. DCPP© content is designed to help students and working professionals understand various aspects of privacy – general concepts, laws & regulations, privacy principles, tools and technologies etc., with a brief introduction to privacy in organizational ecosystem – something that DCPLA© delves in deeply. There is no link among the two certifications. Hence, DCPLA© applying for DCPP© is completely dependent on one’s choice of what kind of expertise s/he wants to have in Privacy domain.

Examination Pattern

DCPP© examinations are conducted online, in Pearson Vue test centres. Exam only has objective questions. There are a total of 75 questions distributed in 3 sections as mentioned below:

  • Section 1 – Privacy Fundamentals: 22 questions
  • Section 2 – Privacy Principles and Regulations: 32 questions
  • Section 3 – Privacy Technologies and Organization Ecosystem: 21 questions
Total exam time for answering all the questions is 150 minutes. There is no separate sectional time limit. Candidates are advised to distribute time accordingly.

There are both single choice as well multiple choice questions in the exam. Please note that in case of multiple choice questions, only two options would be correct. You can determine whether the question is single choice or multiple choice by the language of the question and answer box (Radio button for single choice and Check Box for multiple choice). There are some case study based questions, which are also objective type questions with one or two options as correct answers.

Exam is a mix of questions with varied difficulty levels – easy, medium and difficult. Differential marking scheme is used, which means that different questions with varied difficulty levels have been allocated different marks. But all easy questions will have same marks; similar for medium and difficult questions. Please note that candidates will not be informed about the difficulty level of any question in the exam, hence candidates would not know which question will fetch them how many marks.

No, there is no negative marking in the exam. Neither answering a question wrongly nor skipping any question without answering will fetch you negative marks.

Candidate can traverse back and forth all the questions in a section. Once a section gets over, candidates cannot jump from current section to answer questions of the previous sections in the middle of the exam. But, a review screen is provided at the end of the exam after the last question of last section has been attempted. From the review screen, candidate can jump to any question in any of the sections. Kindly note that ending the review screen ends the examination – candidates will not be able to answer any more questions and all responses will be recorded.

Candidates can decide the ordering of the section. Before candidates begin answering the questions, a screen will be shown and candidates would be required to select the desired sequence of sections to be displayed during the exam. Candidates will be given 3 minutes to provide their choice of sequence selection. In case, no choice is provided in the given time limit, the exam will start with default sequence of sections which is section 1 – section 2 – section 3. Once order is selected at the starting, it cannot be changed during the course of examination.

Though DSCI will try to process the results at the earliest but it may take minimum 5 weeks to declare the results and passing score.

Registration Process

Fee is INR 15,000 Plus GST (as applicable)

The certification fee includes BoK (Body of Knowledge) and exam fee.

While completing the registration process you can make the online payment. We do not accept payments by cheques or demand drafts.

Once the payment is received successfully, BoK will be dispatched in hard copy form via courier to your registered mailing address.

You can register for DCPP using this link: Register Now

Please write to dcpp{at}dsci{dot}in with the screenshot of the error message.

Study Material

The BoK is only purposed to provide baseline knowledge and needs to be supplemented with other materials that would help you understand the privacy domain in depth. Candidates are expected to learn, stay abreast of rapid developments in privacy space to keep your privacy quotient up-to-date and relevant. We have referenced some reading materials at the end of BoK; but that too is just suggestive, not exhaustive.

The coverage of the questions asked in the exam are not only from BoK, but from privacy domain as a whole. While BoK would make up for a significant portion of the total number of questions asked in exam, lot many questions would also cover privacy trends and updates, changing legal and regulatory regime, updates in space of standards and framework, enhancement in privacy technology etc. So depending entirely on BoK to clear the DCPP exam might not be such a good idea.

DCPP is a self-study based examination. DSCI started with its own pilot batches in few cities in India and successfully conducted these batches. Now DSCI has authorized Arrka Consulting as training provider for DCPP Certification.

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