DSCI-CISCO Security Thought Leadership Program

Published: September 01, 2013

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is to understand the extent to which they need to enable or adopt capabilities offered by these advancements while balancing the security ecosystem with accurate analysis of associated risks. The threat landscape is rapidly changing and there is a growing concern about cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and key industry verticals. With an increasing mobile workforce, a new set of malware arrive, and targeted and persistent attacks have become reality. The current generation of security capabilities implemented by organizations across India may protect them from traditional threats; however, to be at par with the dynamic threat landscape organizations need to re-assess their security ecosystem and evaluate capabilities of next generation security.

To understand the views of security leaders in India, with regards to these dynamic changes in the security ecosystem Cisco partnered with Data Security Council of India to conduct a joint study. The study also focused on understanding the challenges faced by security leaders and the security community in India when it comes to understanding the characteristics and challenges of new age security threats as well as developing a forward leaning security capabilities to guard against ever evolving cyber threats. The outcome of the study brought to light the engineering evolutions in the domain of network evolution & network security along with the trends in adoption of these capabilities.

Reference Architecture Report & Architectural Ideas and Capabilities.

DSCI, as a focal body on data protection in India, has leveraged this collaboration with Cisco to provide insights into the rapidly changing threat landscape and bring focus on the next generation capabilities available to effectively counter the ever growing dynamic and advance persistent threats.

The program focused on Next-Generation Security, based on the emergence of Virtualization, Cloud computing, and Mobility/BYOD changing the threat perception/ landscape in the Indian context. It further dealt with topics such as evolution of network security; capability to gather intelligence based on content, context and application awareness; self-healing and policy governed networks amongst others. As part of the program, DSCI in collaboration with Cisco released a survey report, findings of which were validated with the CISO community across major IT hubs in India. We further engaged the community by organizing webinars, hosting meetings and discussions, conducting a technical paper presentation competition, in addition to collaborating with several organizations for development of the Reference Architecture.


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