DSCI-RSA Roundtable on SecOps: Security

Advanced and persistent threats warrant centralization of incident response processes as well as teams. Typically, investment in the Security Operations Center (SOC) creates event-focused incident responses, which are inherently reactive in nature. On the other hand, incident response teams may not have exposure to business context, processes and people collaboration. For effective realization of investment in the SOC, a framework is required to seamlessly orchestrate multiple roles, processes and technologies. Transforming event-driven and reactive SOC to a more consistent and predictable form from business perspective, demands careful attention to Security Operations, by making the SOC process and persona, focused.

SecOps enable organizations to manage overall incident response, breach response, SOC operations and help them align with business risks. It adopts a life cycle-based approach, which integrates business context and best practices, and provides complete visibility into entire process life cycle with focused workflows, dashboards and reports. Automation plays an important role and from alert to incident investigation, everything is automated.

The DSCI-RSA roundtable is planned to get a detailed insight into the SecOps, in order to cultivate greater understanding on taking the SOC investment ahead.


Focus Area:

  • Centralization of incident management
  • Optimization of SOC investment
  • Monitoring & measuring SOC KPIs
  • SOC program management
  • Effectiveness of incident response
  • SecOps solutions
  • Business alignment through SecOps
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  • Sudeep Das

    Principal Consultant, RSA

Who Should Attend

  • IT Architects
  • Security Leaders from Financial Services and Telecom Companies

Convenience Your Boss


Jun 12- 13, 2015 | Time: 18:30- 20:30 |
Hotel Sofitel
Bandra Kurla Complex
Mumbai , KA