Work From Home Advisories - Security Best Practices

WFH Advisory - for IT Admins

Given the global pandemic of COVID-19, many organizations are transitioning into new environments. Work from home (WFH) has become the need of the hour with utmost priority to keep the workforce safe and ensure productivity. In light of these conditions, understanding the available options and working with quality IT services providers, we can safely navigate the cyber world and keep our businesses seamless and protected.

As an industry body, it is DSCI’s continuous endeavour to help you stay connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and support organisations to implement cyber security best practices and stay safe.

DSCI team has released an advisory document highlighting the ‘Work from Home – Best Practices.’ We wish for the safety of everyone and hope that you find the document helpful in mitigating the challenges currently surfacing in the business world.

WFH Advisory - for Employees

While the COVID-19 scare has upended lives and led to major health concerns, it has also pushed organizations across adopt a full-scale Work from Home (WFH) model. Cyberattacks are on the rise and cyber criminals are exploiting weak security controls and using social engineering to mislead employees, leaving businesses vulnerable.

While IT and security teams are scrambling with various security policies and options to ensure business and workforce safety, the onus lies on the employees as well to follow security guidelines and secure their organization’s information and data.

Thus, DSCI has prepared a simple end-user Cyber Security Best Practices guide for employees. These simple and easy tips will ensure basic security protocols are followed by employees, which in turn can minimize cyberattack risks.

For any further query or clarification, please feel free to write to safewfh[at]dsci[dot]in.