First Hyderabad Security Conference

Security is not only becoming acquiring important position in a corporate ecosystem, it is gradually becoming business imperative. Information Technology fuels product innovations, service revitalizations and transforms business models. Businesses are becoming global both for expanding their horizons and for becoming more productive and lean. Their products and services are derived from global technical and process architectures, making them increasingly commoditized and scalable. IT product industry, global sourcing of services and trends like cloud computing are reaping benefits from it. Business use of IT on the one hand, and transformation of IT on the other hand challenge security paradigms continually. Businesses transcends to new paradigms which attributes and challenges are much different than previous one. The changes happen at drastic speed, changing operating conditions much dynamically. On the other hand, security threat landscape shows extreme dynamism, inventing, organizing and commoditizing threats at much greater speed and innovation.

Businesses, their products and services, are challenged by the evolving the threat landscape. This alerts clients, partners, civil societies and governments. The concerns of security and privacy are getting elevating to the level that they challenges global nature of businesses, threatens use of information and associated business innovations, universal architecture of technology products and global nature of supply chain. These concerns are increasingly reflected in different kinds of regulations. Moreover, increasing recognition of cyber security as an important aspect national security adds a separate angle to information security preparedness. The national concerns of securing health of cyberspace are putting extra burden on security.

Businesses need more strategic and structural thinking to comprehend the increasing complexity of business propositions, transformation of IT infrastructure, changing paradigm of security and rising exposure to compliance regulations. This warrants gathering, discussion and deliberations within the business and security community. 1st Hyderabad Security Conference is envisaged to bring the business and security fraternity of the region together for a day long interaction on intriguing topics of security and privacy.

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Sep 06- Feb 15, 2016 | Time: 11:45- 11:45 |
Novotel & HICC Complex
Near Hitec City, Hitex Road
Hyderabad , AP