Future of Privacy in India

In recent years, there has been an increasing deployment of ICT in the collection of personal information by both private sector and state agencies. Data is a reason for empowerment for both commercial and public purposes. The prolific use of the Internet for search, social networking cloud computing and e-commerce transactions places increasing amounts of personal information and Internet history in hands of dominant private sector players. Data is undeniably the capital of the Internet. While technology has evolved to be able to collect, store and mine increasing amounts of data for improved public services or for commercial purposes, there are understandable concerns over the lack of accountability for the purposes and limits of the use of personal data. These concerns demand an appropriate regulatory framework for Privacy.

As an important step toward formulating the privacy bill, an Expert Group headed by Justice A P Shah provides inputs based on a study of the international landscape of privacy laws, along with the predominant privacy concerns ensuing from technological advancements. The Committee’s report, submitted in Oct 2012 has recommended Nine Principles as the cornerstone for Privacy legislation. These are: Openness, Accountability, Notice, Choice and Consent, Collection Limitation, Use limitation, Access and Correction, Security, and Disclosure & Third Party Use. While the Privacy Act is under development.

DSCI and iCOMP are organizing a meet focusing on the following areas:

  • Outline an appropriate Indian context for Privacy: the nine principles
  • Presentation of state of play on Privacy in key markets (practices, Issues, regulatory interventions)
  • Analyse the scope and implications of data collection by public agencies in India.
  • Analyse privacy challenges and risks related to commercial use of data collected on the Internet by private players
  • Consider how India can address these challenges and enshrine privacy principles in legislation
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Event Agenda

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Apr 05- 06, 2013 | Time: 14:45- 14:45 |
Oberoi Hotel
Nilgiri Room
New Delhi , DL