Published: March 31, 2017

With increasing & ubiquitous connectivity across people, processes, machines & devices, ensuring cyber security is emerging as the most important challenge for the IT-BPM industry. With these challenges also come significant opportunities. The GoI has also called to make India a global leader in cyber security.

The Cyber Security Task Force’s Vision 2025 aims to grow the Indian Cyber Security Products and Services Industry to USD 35 billion.

With this in mind, the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) has worked on a report on cyber security that provides a roadmap for the industry to achieve this goal and also a set of recommendations to the government to set up the necessary ecosystem.

This report is in two parts:

  • Roadmap for India: This section focuses on analysing the global market (demand & supply side), country & cluster analysis and identifies areas of opportunity for the IT-BPM industry.
  • Perspectives for Government: This section focuses on specific initiatives that need to be undertaken across five key pillars: Clusters, Technology creation, Demand generation, Capacity building and Policy & regulations.

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Table of Contents (ToC):

Roadmap for IndiaPerspectives for Government
Executive SummaryOpportunity identification framework
IntroductionCyber security clusters
Global Market Analysis (Demand & Supply side)Technology Creation
Country-wise capability assessmentDemand Generation
Analysis of clustersCapacity Building
Opportunity areas in the cyber security marketPolicy and regulations


Please drop a mail at or give us a call on 0120-4990253 to buy the complete report.

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