ICT Supply Chain Security: Challenges and Opportunities

ICT products are sourced globally, with various suppliers, developers, distribution and delivery methods that form the entire supply chain. Increasing number of ICT systems and networks worldwide, including mission critical systems and networks, leverage globally interconnected and sourced products and components that include hardware, software, firmware and applications. While their use provides innumerable economic, social and innovative benefits, it also provides “adversaries” with increased opportunity to compromise critical systems of a nation. Due to the global nature of supply chain threats, there is a need for recognition and assessment of global interdependencies among suppliers and consumers with a goal to make supply chains more safe and secure. India has responded through various policy initiatives and regulatory mandates. The need for ‘National Testing and Certification Framework’ has also been highlighted in the JWG report.

DSCI, in collaboration with CISCO, is currently working on a report “Security Assurance through Common Criteria (CC)” that has been prepared with a view to make stakeholders aware about various aspects that drive testing and certification ecosystem in India and challenges and opportunities associated with it going forward.

This aim of this Roundtable discussion is to bring together all key stakeholders and deliberate on various topics surrounding ICT Supply chain security.

Please confirm your participation by writing to *rahul.sharma@dsci.in*

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May 07- 08, 2013 | Time: 11:30- 12:00 |
Mapple Room
India Habitat Centre,
New Delhi , DL