Initiatives & Programs

As an industry body, we engage with diverse stakeholders, for activities that spin off from our core strategic objectives.

  • Policy Advocacy

    DSCI plays a proactive role for ‘policy enablement’ that impacts ICT engagement and enactment through the Government. In its advocacy role, DSCI cohesively engages with government and other key stakeholders on policy matters in the realms of Cyber Security, Privacy, cybercrimes, Internet governance, internet public policy, Transborder Data Flows, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things (IoT). On the national-level, we often work in association with Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Department of Commerce (DoC), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), Planning Commission, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), among a host of other bodies.

    • Policy enablement
    • Privacy laws
    • Policy matters
  • Collaborations

    As the first point-of-contact for data protection in India, DSCI collaborates with the key stakeholders in Industry and Government, as well as global bodies, think tank, academia and multilateral stakeholder bodies on key DSCI programs and initiatives.

    At the International level, our participation in global policy issues has helped shape opinions on various aspects. Over the years DSCI has established close linkages with international bodies has been integral to our area of work.

    • Global policy issues International standards on security and privacy
    • Regulators & Goverment Agencies Law Enforcement Agencies Global Think Tanks & Academia
  • Thought Leadership

    DSCI role in thought leadership has gained recognition with the acknowledgement and implementation of its DSCI Security Framework (DSF©) and DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©) by the Industry. To assess implementation of DSF© and DPF©, DSCI Assessment Framework DAF© was developed. DSCI Assessment Framework-Security (DAF-S©) & DSCI Assessment Framework-Privacy (DAF-P©) were released in December 2012. Cybercrime Investigation Manual published in 2011 has been widely used by the law enforcement officials and has even generated traction at the international level.

    DSCI undertakes key studies, research surveys and publishes reports, to analyse various aspects of data protection and cyber security. These help in exchange and dissemination of information vital for developing a strong data protection culture and understanding the state of security preparedness of the industry. We also engaged with the Government and other key stakeholders on policy matters related to Cyber security, Data Security, Privacy Protection, Internet governance and Cybercrimes. DSCI has been at the forefront in collaborating with global players and think-tanks on these matters.

    • Security and Privacy Frameworks and Standards
    • Studies, Surveys and Reports
    • Publications on Cybercrime investigation, Cyber Forensics
  • Outreach and Awareness

    DSCI organizes regular events, conferences workshops, and roundtable meetings to interact, and engage various stakeholders. Creating awareness and deliberation on contemporary issues of Security and Privacy through campaigns and programs forms a key part of our outreach efforts.

    DSCI Membership Program as well as its Chapters foster a network of Security and Privacy professionals sharing their views through our platform. DSCI Excellence Awards aim to create trustworthiness of Indian companies by recognizing and housing their efforts through its three segments: Corporate, LEAS and Product. DSCI actively provides key inputs to the media on all dimensions of data protection, privacy and cyber security and related topics. Our collaterals and publications serve to inform and educate end users and different target segments on varied topics and domains that involve DSCI and its domain of work.

    • Corporate Membership
    • Flagship events, Conferences & Roundtables Meetings
    • DSCI Excellence Awards
    • DSCI Chapters
    • Campaigns & Programs for Citizens
  • Capacity Building

    DSCI is actively involved in developing and imparting training and building capacity for various government and corporate entities on Security and Privacy. DSCI trains police officers and judiciary in cyber forensics at DSCI cyber labs in four cities in India.

    Cybercrime Investigation Workshops are also conducted as part of a project awarded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY).

    With the aim to build capacity in Privacy, DSCI has launched DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP©) certification program.

    • Cyber Labs
    • Cybercrime Investigation
    • Privacy profession Building (DCPP©)
  • Cyber Security Product Development

    DSCI works towards building a favourable ecosystem for growth-led, sustainable business segments of security products and services companies in the country. Initiatives and activities undertaken by DSCI to encourage indigenous product development, DSCI Excellence Awards for Product Companies, which is comprised of ‘Security Product Company of the Year’ and ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year (Innovation Box).

    The Product Forum is a key initiative to provide support to these companies by connecting new players near to established security leaders and innovators on a common platform for idea sharing, guidance and collaboration.

    • Product ecosystem
    • Innovation Box
    • DSCI Product Forum