Internet Safety Campaign

Internet penetration in India is around 8% (rising exponentially) with around 120 million Internet users of whom around 50 million Indians are using the social media. This number is increasing every day. The use of social media is growing rapidly, particularly in youth who love to connect, make friends, chat, and share their personal information including photographs of family and friends. Commercial enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and even the government, are using this platform for variety of reasons – communication, marketing, branding, awareness, etc, through their targeted campaigns. Personal Information is becoming an economic commodity on which social networking is thriving.

There is a need for increasing awareness on the responsible use of this platform, and to promote Security and privacy and Internet Safety. The content created by any community group is suddenly available for millions to see, which society has to leverage for positive outcomes and allow the social media to develop further and reach a higher level of maturity. DSCI, along with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Kaspersky, is conducting a pan India joint campaign in this direction.

Objectives of the Campaign:

  • Develop a multipronged awareness program on the responsible use of internet
  • Create an understanding in the country about the security and privacy issues under the overall theme of Internet safety
  • Promote discussions and deliberations on the policy issues involved in the internet safety


The campaign aims to spread awareness among youth, who are the frequent users of internet.

The elements will include:

  • Four conferences pan India
    • New Delhi – 19th February,2013
    • Bangalore – 22th February,2013
    • Kolkata – 27th February,2013
    • Mumbai – 06th March,2013
  • Online campaign
  • Onair campaign
  • Street plays across colleges
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