ISO/IEC/ JTC 1/SC 27 WG Meeting

DSCI in collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is hosting the ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC27 Working Groups meeting in Jaipur. This key set of Working Groups (WG) is meeting in India for the first time which is poised to provide a great opportunity to India as a country and leading Indian companies to demonstrate experience and expertise in security, contribute to standard setting in this strategic area, apart from long term networking opportunities. The event will provide an opportunity to project India’s thought leadership in the security domain.

DSCI has been participating in ISO SC27 and similar platforms over the years, but overall Indian participation has been very limited. Given the strategic size of the Indian IT and BPM industry, contributing to these standards is of vital importance to demonstrate India’s technical and policy prowess and also to leverage the business benefits of the advanced knowledge. With PM Modi highlighting the strategic importance of cyber security on numerous occasions, and with NASSCOM Cyber Security Task Force activities culminating soon, strong Indian participation would help project our thought leadership in the space of Security and Privacy. It also promotes our charter of Industry Development and Skill Development.

In this WG meeting, over 300 experts from around the world would gather to deliberate on forging international standards on Privacy, Security and Risk management in IoT, Cloud Computing and others along with updating few existing standards. These standards sooner or later are adopted by all the organizations – some enforceable by clients and some become de-facto standards for operations. This meeting in Jaipur presents a great opportunity to participate in the exercise and help set standards that suits our expectations. DSCI has setup a Standards Steering Committee with representatives from government and industry to evangelize this activity and increase awareness and participation.

For participating in the ISO SC27 meetings, or for sponsorship opportunities, please write to Rahul Sharma, Senior Consultant, DSCI [] and Nikhil Chachra, Senior Manager, Events and Business Development [] or call 011-26155071.

Know more on: areas and the list of standards (developed and ongoing) under SC27.

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Who Should Attend

  • Security, Privacy and Risk Management Professionals

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Oct 26- 30, 2015 | Time: 10:45- 10:45 |
Hotel Marriot
Ashram Marg, Near Jawahar Circle
302015 Jaipur , RJ