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Membership FAQs

  • Q - What is the DSCI Corporate Membership program?
    A -

    DSCI offers its Corporate Membership program to organizations across industry sectors, which wish to build a strong Cyber Security architecture within their organizations and work towards making Cyber Security a board-level agenda. DSCI provides insights into latest threats, best practices, security solutions, and expert advice for data protection, in its workshops, roundtables and seminars. Corporate members also receive a monthly newsletter on important topical issues in the domains security and privacy relevant to their industry[JSS(1]

  • Q - Who are eligible for DSCI Corporate Membership?
    A -

    Organizations representing any sector are eligible to apply for the DSCI Corporate Membership Program. Current DSCI Corporate members include large, medium and small sized organizations from IT-BPM, Public sector, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecom, Security providers, Consulting Organizations, Institutes and Law firms, to name a few.

  • Q - Can I apply for Corporate Membership, if I am an individual? How is the DSCI corporate membership different from DSCI individual membership?
    A -

    No. The DSCI Corporate Membership Program is open for registered organizations and institutes. As an individual, you can join a DSCI Chapter [US(2] in your nearest city. Our Corporate Membership Program is exclusively for organizations that wish to associate with DSCI in their organizational capacity whereas individual memberships is for individuals who wish to play an active role in their DSCI regional chapters across twelve cities in India.

  • Q - How can I check my category for Corporate Membership and entitled fee structure?
    A -

    There are four categories on the basis of the organization size. The fee structure is different for each of the categories. Know more[US(3]

  • Q - What kind of benefits my organization will be entitled to?
    A -

    Benefits are different for each of the categories. For more details on, benefits please write to membership@dsci.in with the category of your organization.

  • Q - Do I need to fill some form to register for becoming a corporate membership?
    A -

    Both online and offline registrations are accepted. For Online Registration fill up the form. Offline registration form can be requested by mailing Membership@dsci.in

  • Q - What is the fee structure of NASSCOM members?
    A -

    NASSCOM members can obtain DSCI Corporate membership free of charge.

  • Q - NASSCOM members and non-NASSCOM members?
    A -

    Non-NASSCOM membership will have to pay according as per the fee structure

  • Q - When will I receive the membership e-mail after registration? What if I don’t receive an e-mail?
    A -

    You will receive a system generated mail immediately after you have registered for the membership. In case you don’t receive any e-mail, please write to membership@dsci.in.

  • Q - Will I be receiving the membership number and login ID?
    A -

    Yes, login ID and password are sent to the registered email IDs once the organization membership payment is received by DSCI. Incase login ID is not received within 72 hours (working days) of the payment, organization are requested to write to membership@dsci.in

  • Q - How can I change contact details as an existing member?
    A -

    You can change and add/edit contact details by logging in with the Login ID and password provided by the primary contact.

  • Q - Who should be the primary contact to interface with DSCI for privacy related activities / services?
    A -

    It is advisable to nominate the Head of Information Security (CISO/CSO/CIO/CPO) or any other appropriate senior executive from your organization, to interface with DSCI. Head of Frauds/ Cybercrime Investigation, Chief Vigilance Officers can also be nominated.

  • Q - What is the tenure of the corporate membership?
    A -

    The membership will be valid for twelve months and will begin from the first day of the successive month of DSCI receiving the membership fee.

  • Q - What happens if I don’t pay the membership fees?
    A -

    Your organization’s name will be removed from the membership list. A mail regarding this will be sent to the registered email ID.

  • Q - When is the invoice received?
    A -

    Once the payment is receive, an e-mail communication will be sent to the organization with the invoice. This will be done within a week after DSCI receives the payment. A hard copy of the invoice will be sent to at the registered address as provided in contact details.

  • Q - How can I modify the details of my organization? Can I modify the details of the contact person?
    A -

    You can modify the details anytime by accessing the DSCI Corporate Membership portal and logging in with the login ID and password as provided to your organization.

  • Q - Will I be getting a membership certificate? What will be its validity?
    A -

    You will receive the membership certificate from DSCI. It will be valid for one year, beginning the successive month from the date of membership.

  • Q - What are the statutory benefits to a member organization?
    A -

    As a DSCI Corporate Member, you are eligible to attend DSCI Annual General Meetings.

  • Q - I am changing my organization. What do I need to do?
    A -

    You can simply drop us a mail notifying us about the same, along with your membership number and the contact details of the individual whom we can connect to for future communications.

  • Q - Besides becoming a corporate member, how else can to contribute to DSCI?
    A -

    You can choose to:

    • Become a Chapter Member (redirect to Chapters homepage)
    • Nominate/suggest a colleague to undergo training as DCPP (redirect to DCPP homepage)
    • Write for our blog or be featured in our quarterly newsletter (redirect to blog + newsletter archive

  • Q - I wish to discontinue my membership. How do I do it?
    A -

    Write to membership@dsci.in stating the reason for discontinuance and we shall contact you.