NASSCOM –DSCI Submission to TRAI on Net Neutrality consultation paper

TRAI recently released its consultation paper on Net Neutrality and sought comments from different stakeholders including the Industry. The consultation paper could be accessed at Net Neutrality

NASSCOM-DSCI made joint submission to TRAI on Net Neutrality specifically in the context of Traffic Management practices, and what should be the guiding principles to ensure that network management and performance optimization, essential for functioning of an efficient network, do not compromise on principles of net neutrality. We believe that Traffic management practices should not directly and indirectly bring in any discrimination – price based/ non –price based e.g. source origin or destination of consumption etc. We recommend a broad based approach that allows for technological choice and innovations in traffic management and data handling. In case of emerging areas, like IoT, we have emphasized that such traffic should not be discriminated against by service providers, and that special category of services like real time health monitoring, driver less vehicles etc. may require traffic prioritization in the interest of public and individual health safety. It has been emphasized in our submission that the scope of TRAI regulations should be entirely focused on ensuring that traffic management practices adopted by TSPs/ ISPs conform to the principles of Net Neutrality, and jurisdiction should not be extended to any other entity.