Over the years, privacy as a domain has emerged as a strong focus area. Technological advancements have been giving rise to fresh challenges from a data privacy perspective. Big Data, Social Media, Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and other aspects have been further reshaping the realms of data collection and its usage.

These developments, both globally and in India, have warranted explicit focus on privacy in our legal and regulatory systems. Global legislations have moved constructively in that direction and, demand the same from Indian laws – given the globally integrated nature of trade and business, in particular. Given the increasing online nature of Indian economy, and the online social behaviour of individuals, there has been rising exposure to personal data of individuals by organizations and the economic value associated with it. The individuals, data subjects, have also now started questioning about their privacy requirements, due to increased awareness on social platforms, news and elsewhere, igniting the concept of Privacy as a Right.

Further, due to the prominence of the Indian outsourcing industry, large amounts of personal data is made available to and processed by organizations providing the managed services. A globalized economy has increased the importance of transborder data flows between businesses and individuals across the globe and the same is being continuously regulated in major geographies. Data, often from countries where privacy laws and regulations are stringent, necessitates appropriate focus on Indian legislations and regulatory measures for privacy and data protection.

DSCI has brought these issues into the mainstream, and elevated the level of privacy and the debates around it through policy advocacy, thought leadership and outreach programs. In order to address the industry’s concern, DSCI has been continuously engaging with various government departments, especially Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT), for a comprehensive privacy bill considering the recommendations made by the Justice AP Shah Report, published in 2012. In accordance, DSCI has acclaimed a significant level in promoting industry self-regulation through its well-recognized and widely adopted, privacy framework - DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©)and the DSCI Privacy Assessment Framework (DAF-P©). To address the issue of capacity building in privacy in the India, certification programs such as the DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Assessor (DCPLA©) and DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP©) have been introduced and met with a tremendous response from our stakeholders.