Role of Analytics in Security

Stealthy, tailored cyber-attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities within corporate and government establishments are increasingly disrupting operations and stealing valuable information. Traditional security strategies often involving perimeter security and SIEM systems for monitoring are clearly not up to the task of thwarting such advanced threats.

For technology leaders entrusted with the security of their enterprises, the need of the hour is to develop the intelligence, visibility, agility and speed to deal with advanced threats. It’s become imperative to have contextual information together with network analysis and visibility to deal with sophisticated threats.

Join us for an in-depth and high-level discussion on the problems of attacks becoming more sophisticated, the challenge of SIEM systems being computationally overwhelmed by the volume and rate of change of data and how a big data-driven security analytics solution can make all of this possible. The stimulating session will help you transform traditional security strategies into an early warning system for advanced threats. How Security Analytics can transform security and business as we know it.


The discussion will deliberate on aspects such as:

  • Multiplicity of sources generating information important for security
  • Volume & complexity of Information that determine security posture
  • Complexity of conditions, parameters and situations that affect ability of making real-time security decisions
  • Multi-directional dependencies affecting performance of security
  • Role of analytics in the new age security
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  • Mr. Kartik Shahani

    Country Manager, RSA


Aug 08- 09, 2013 | Time: 10:00- 13:00 |
Hotel Oberoi
Connuaght Hall
110030 New Delhi , DL