Secure in India: Leaders' insights on GCC empowered global cybersecurity delivery

Published: June 28, 2018

NASSCOM, DSCI and KPMG study on cybersecurity global delivery by India based GCCs highlighting smart practices and innovation potential.

Global organisations recognise the inevitability of cyber-attacks, and are enhancing their cybersecurity strategies by bringing together skilled people, cutting-edge technologies and new age processes to secure their organisations. Global Capability Centres (GCCs), by design, allow organisations to insource key functions, retain control and hold on to expertise in-house. When combined with right talent and commercial effectiveness, GCCs are apt for cybersecurity.

The intent of this report is to unleash how these Cyber GCCs empower their global organisations to combat cyber risk, and to enable leaders of global organisations to make informed decisions on their India-based Cyber GCC strategy. The insights in this report are prepared in consultation with Cyber GCC leaders, cybersecurity SMEs and industry bodies. It provides key recommendations for

Cyber GCCs to sustain their competitive advantage; transform into global 'centres of expertise'; and enable global organisations to 'Secure in India'.

Key Findings

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