Stakeholder Consultation: Data Protection Framework for India

The Government of India has constituted a Committee of Experts for developing a Data Protection framework. As a part of the committee’s mandate to consult stakeholders, a consultation paper has been uploaded for public comments.

Recognizing that many persons may find a 200+ page document daunting, White Paper on Data Protection, Please find a link to brief overview slides outlining the key aspects of a data protection framework for your reference Committee-Stakeholder Consultation

Further, we have created a one slide document map with embedded links to the consultation paper to help you with your quick cross referencing as you work towards drafting a response to the consultation paper. Please follow the instructions on the page for downloading the folders.

We have compiled some key questions for you to respond online Form , with suitable justifications, which would help us understand your organisation’s views. These inputs would be incorporated in the NASSCOM-DSCI response to Meity.

The deadline for submission of responses to Meity is 31st January 2018.

Instructions to open “White Paper- Industry Consultation v 1.0.pptx

  • Extract all files from attached to one folder. Keep the presentation in the same folder. Then open the presentation.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the presentation.