Threat Intelligence and Research (Ti&R)

Every new technology comes with an inherent risk of being exploited for malicious purposes. This maxim gains further importance when applied to technologies catering to cyber space. Any such technology affects millions of lives from the day it is deployed. This makes it a more lucrative target for attackers. The continuous stream of news on new data breach or a new malware in the wild corroborates this point. The techniques and tactics used by these attackers are also becoming sophisticated by the day. Therefore, making it necessary to develop equally advanced counter capabilities.

Till date, DSCI’s focus has been to engage with relevant stakeholders on policy matters, develop and publish best practices and frameworks on cybersecurity and privacy, provide trainings in the area of privacy and digital forensics and promote adoption of Indian security product and services through global trade development initiatives.

The growing rate of cyberattacks have made it imperative to make focused efforts towards developing and enhancing technical cybersecurity capabilities. The Threat Intelligence and Research (Ti&R) initiative is another step towards achieving DSCI’s vision of making cyberspace safe, secure and trusted by contributing towards strengthening national security. Through Ti&R DSCI will work towards building capabilities in domains such as threat intelligence, threat hunting, malware research, exploitation research and active cyber defence.  

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